Let's Get You on the Road to Financial Freedom

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1-on-1 Virtual Finance Session

Schedule a consultation to see how I may be able to help you on your road to financial freedom!


One Hour Session Only $125 


(Includes 1 Hour Session,

Financial Assessment and Personalized Budget)

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Millionaires in Training Class

I would love to teach your youth about money!


Let's get them the tools, training  and foundation they need to start their financial journey to becoming a millionaire! 


For youth ages 8-18!

Activities & topics include:
- Budgeting
- Investing
- Entrepreneurship

- Credit
- Creating financial goals

  & more!

Open to churches, schools, youth groups, recreation centers, etc.

Request a Millionaires in Training Class TODAY! 


Keynote Speaker

In the past 2 years, I've done at least 50 P.E.P. Talks! 

(Prepare Empower Push)


I enjoy sharing my journey and using my experiences to inspire others to dream bigger, work smarter and put their faith into action. I am real, open and honest about my struggles while giving the tools I used to overcome them.


She was engaged and passionate. She kept the attention of all the young men in my program, from start to finish.

Her presentation required hands on material, such as check writing, which they loved (learning how to write a check).


We went over my current spending habits and discussed a weekly allowance; and how to utilize extra income to pay down debt.



I was impressed with the knowledge she gives and comfortable with how she made me feel at ease by letting me know that I’m able to turn things around in my financial future.

Her presence! Her demeanor, sense of humor, very approachable, confident, knows her information. Very interactive and got students involved; along with the students being engaged and attentive throughout her whole presentation.


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