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Meet Rachael.

I am a

Millionaire in Training

Rachael Hanible

Rachael Hanible is a Certified Financial Education Instructor and Founder of Missing Peace Financial Group. Rachael became debt-free paying off over $92,000 worth of debt. She also saved a years' worth of her income in cash and her credit score is at 846.


For the last 9 years she has been a Personal Finance Coach for Adults helping them reach their short term and long-term financial goals. Rachael is also a private lender/investor for multiple Black owned small businesses in the city of Philadelphia. In addition, she is the author of Amber's Magical Savings Box, an Interactive Children's Book on earning and saving money. This book is available in Walmart, Target, Barnes and Noble and is an Amazon Best Seller. She completed a fifteen stop Book tour hosted by Barnes and Noble selling out of most of the locations.


She has a full finance curriculum for kids starting at the age of three. She has taught finance classes for kids and teens in over 90 Schools, Universities, Programs and Nonprofit Organizations. Topics include Banking, Budgeting, Credit, Investing, Entrepreneurship and more! It is her mission to help adults find peace while taking control of their finances and give the next generation of Millionaires a head start on the road to financial freedom!

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