Meet Rachael.

I am a

Millionaire in Training

Rachael Hanible

Rachael is a Personal Finance Consultant, Inspirational Speaker and the author of “Amber's Magical Savings Box” which is an Amazon best seller. She is the Creator of P.E.P. Talks (Prepare, Empower, Push) & the Founder/CEO of Missing Peace Financial Group.


After becoming debt-free, saving a year's worth of income, and reaching a credit score of 838, she decided to share tips & tools to help others do the same.


She has helped many people achieve their short term and long term financial goals. Rachael travels to schools, churches and non-profit organizations holding a class called"Millionaires in Training” for teens and adults. She also holds classes for children ages 10 and under while using the book as a reference.

Amber's Magical Savings Box is an interactive children's book on earning and saving money. Rachael just completed a Barnes & Noble book tour in which she sold out in multiple locations. It is her mission to give the next generation of millionaires a head start on the road to Financial Freedom!