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Meet Rachael 

Personal Finance Consultant, Inspirational Speaker


Author of #1 Amazon Best Selling Book

(Amber's Magical Savings Box)

Rachael Hanible is a Certified Financial Education Instructor and Founder of Missing Peace Financial Group. Rachael became debt-free paying off over $92,000 worth of debt. She also saved a years' worth of her income in cash and her credit score is at 843.


“Rachael had amazing energy during the presentation. The webinar was very informative, and she made the financing and budgeting sounds fun. Overall Amazing !!!”

“She was engaged and passionate. She kept all the young men in my programs attention from start to finish. Her presentation required hands on material such as check writing which they loved learning how to write a check.”

Rachael went over my credit card balances, my income, and a budget to start my savings fund. I was able to save $10,000 in 8 weeks. I was able to pay all my credit cards off in 3 months.

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